mascritical playlist #1

1. Σtella "Up and Away

2. Astrel K "Is It It Or Is It i?"

3. Flying Lotus "The Room"

4. Madia Rose "Harmony of Heartache"

5. Kathy Heideman "Fine Street Woman"

6. Jesu "Silver"

7. Party Dozen "The Iron Boot"

8. Christian Kleine "Return of the Underground"

9. Spoon "My Babe - Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction"

10. Mild Minds "Machine"

11. EVDN. "Warrior"

12. Field Guides "Any Day"

13. Skinny Dippers "Boat on the Water"

14. Akusmi "Fleeting Future"


We kick off the mascritical Playlist #1 with Greek artist, Σtella (pronounced Stella) off of their latest album Up and Away. The groove is irresistible and even the most left footed of us can't help ourselves in bopping our way to a hardwood floor to start a dance party. Socks on carpet works fine too. Their Greek roots reveal themselves in a vibe that feels like getting energetically wine drunk while the sun is setting.

Σtella "Up and Away


Next up, keeping the groove alive and forcing toes to tap nationwide is Astrel K with "Is it it or is it I" off the debut solo project from Ulrika Spacek's Rhys Edwards. The warmth is either nostalgic or the west coast sun reflecting off sunglasses in the afternoon, but regardless of the source, you're comforted.

Astrel K "Is It It Or Is It i?"


Flying Lotus "The Room"

That was "The Room" by Flying Lotus featuring Devin Tracy with a song to remember being intimate with an ex too. There is just enough somber notes sounding off for you to still dance through that calamity.


And for those of who's have exes were bedroom-ly challenged (or, to keep it positive, "woopie-capable"), I offer for your emotions the dark dream pop delight of "Harmony of Heartache" by Dutch duo Madia Rose.

Madia Rose "Harmony of Heartache"


Kathy Heideman "Fine Street Woman"

In 1976 (or possibly 1971 because its mysterious), Kathy Heideman sang songs written by Dia Joyce, recorded and released by Country Flavor Records titled as "Move with Love". Country Flavor Records didn't release anything else ever again (under that moniker, more mystery). And Kathy Heideman disappeared too (so much mystery! Call Moulder and Scully, or maybe Dan Brown!). But now, 50 years later, to sooth the intimacy regret of heartache, the song "Fine Street Woman". It'll make feeling worse feel better. Like one more wine. Or, falling in love abroad.


Are you still thinking about your ex? Get over it already! We're going to brunch! Oh, you don't feel like cantelope and eggs? Well I'm not bringing you back pancakes. You just stay here on the couch, shades drawn, under your blanket (the one with the horse print on it) and listen to "Silver" by Jesu, the industrial-metal-shoegaze band from Britain, until you're over it!

Jesu "Silver"


Lots of feelings we are having now aren't we? This was supposed to be a fun afternoon of checking out some new music from some obscure blog's playlist. You didn't sign up for all these feelings! You didn't even know you had all these feelings! Well, ya know who else didn't have feelings? Rambo. Now slick some mud under your eyes, pop on Party Dozen's "The Iron Boot" as you get off the couch and fight back against emotions!

Party Dozen "The Iron Boot"


Well, that got out of hand fast! Let's take it down a couple notches. I think we are all ready to get our BPMs back down to a comfortable 58-72 range. Intelligent Dance Music DJ, Christian Kleine, levels out your FitBit with his single "Return of the Underground".

Christian Kleine "Return of the Underground"


"My Babe" is a single off Austin, TX indie rockers Spoon's, album "Lucifer on the Sofa". And its a great song, for sublte reflections. But theres a mornign sun rising through your speakers with English producer Adrian Sherwood's mix. Its a perfect song for changing your mind.

Spoon "My Babe - Adrian Sherwood Reconstruction"


Now its time for some introspection and the best way to dig in is to get out. Luckily its 2022 and we don't have to leave to go and thanks to LA-Based producer Mild Minds you can enjoy all the introspection of a run around the block by straping on your Zuckerburg Quest and letting "Machine" motivate your VR travels on a treadmill IRL.

Mild Minds "Machine"


All that cardio is making ya feel confident? "Warrior" by EVDN. is your musical cue to take it back. Take what back? Thats for you and your therapist to figure out, I'm just a blogger...

EVDN. "Warrior"


Singer-Songwriter out of Winnipeg, Field Guide, writes music to be listened to with the windows down, on lonely roads, where catharsis settles as you speed past it. Thats a metaphor. Listen to this song before or after going on a hike in nature.

Field Guides "Son of the Tree That Owns Itself"


Ahh, aren't you feeling better now? I sure am! Now, roll down your windows and drive at a speed that matches the thwipping wind blowing by to the bpm of "Any Day" by The Healees.

Healees "Any Day"

14. Skinny Dippers "Boat On The Water"

And the sun is beginning to set on this blog-walk through your past relationships. Wow did it get intense there for a little! Feeling good now? Yeah? Cool, lets have a smoke. Thank Satan for the Brooklyn based artist, Ryan Gross, who calls in some Al Stewart "Year of the Cat" underpinnings and provides us the perfect soundtrack for getting nostalgic for regrets.


The time has come and a new day's dawn marks the end of this playlist. Ends aren't always bad and if you didn't enjoy my pretentious musings, they can even be good! With that, feel good about the whats to come and if you need a little push for positivity, enjoy Akusmi's (nom de plum for London-based composer Pascal Bideau) "Fleeting Future" of the album by the same name. It sounds like watching sunlight flutter through a trees canopy while your napping in a park. Which shows, even being homeless has its perks.

Akusmi "Fleeting Future"

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